Audio Mastering

Audio mastering is the final chance you get to analyse your music, make it as good as it can be, more interesting, solid and more powerful. A mix must be prepared for duplication (analog/digital physical formats) or distribution (online: streaming/downloads). Audio mastering is essentially, a technical process that requires a good pair of ears, love for the minute details, patience to get it sounding the best it can. Technically audio mastering involves the adjustment,tweaking and alteration of frequencies, dynamic range, stereo width, tonal management and loudness of a song. It also involves some pretty boring error checking,meta data, bit-streaming and other digital silly aspects that are vital for todays rapid online consumption.

Should you master your own productions?
When producing, you are dealing with the creative world, sampling your sounds, synthesizing your instruments, arranging your ideas etc… This is a beautiful and creative process, very few are good at being creative and technical at the same time, or even possess both skill sets. So its best to use some one else who has more of a technical ear and mindset to mix your track. Let some one else with a fresh pair of ears and trustworthy to do the job. If you are a dj/producer, then spend time doing what you do best, dj or produce, focus on those skills to get better faster, and let the technicalities of audio mastering to the ‘other guys’ that don’t dj and produce 24/7.
What we do!
At our audio mastering studio in Dubai, we are a small team of electronic music aficionados. We cover pretty much from your 4/4 music, techno, house, tech, minimal, nu, to your old skool hip-hop, rap, urban music. We have a bunch of hardware gear that we like to play with and pretend it’s work; just like any tech freak we got a suite of digital toys we love to mess about. Check out our full equipment list below. Oh! And by the way, we also have the “delivery man” pass by regularly to drop off some amazing, new audio gadgets to try out, just to keep things fresh.
Equipment List:
TLAudio 5052 Channel Tube Processor, Avalon VT-747SP,Elysia MPressor, Genelec 7271A Active SAM Subwoofer, Genelec 1032B, Ableton Live 9, Apogee A/D D/A CONVERTER, Waves Bundle, Algorithmix ReNoVAtor, SoftTube FET compressor, SoftTube TUBE-TECH PE 1C, Massey CT5 compresor, The Metric Halo Production Bundle
Eliminate any noise from the song
– Keep a dynamic mix (no master processing, master channel peaks at most @ -6dBFS)
– Name the .WAV/.AIFF file as “Artist_Title_Mix_Personal_Email”.
– Upload your track using
– Use our Contact Page to include the link and a brief about your song.
– Reference song submission – select 1-2 songs that have a similar sound that is desired
– You will receive an email confirmation by us, payment details and procedures, which can be made securely by Paypal or bank transfer.
– Within the specified time frame or earlier you will receive your master song(s) in .WAV.
– You are entitled one free edit, to satisfy any possible feedback from you, further edits at an additional cost.

you need mastering because your music deserves it.

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