The Granular

The Granular is a milti-layered concept; with an extensive reach to developing the local scene and talent.

Granular Academy

The initiative

Granular Academy was setup up in 2016. There was a need to pull in together for a common creative purpose. The academy is constantly growing and developing into the go to place for all sonic creatives in the Emirate and the region. The main focus is to act as a Dubai based platform for creative collaboration. Learning and sharing ideas, finding solutions to creative roadblocks and developing and mentoring waves of producers, DJs and artists.


Granular Music

The Label

Granular Music has its roots in 2006. Back then it was known as Entrainment Music, the first registered music label in Dubai. The label was responsible for over 200 artists, many of whom broke through the noise and made a name for themselves. In 2013, the brand closed its doors and 2 years later it rose from the ashes as Granular Music, taking a more mature approach to artists, music, sound and creative theme development.


Dubai Ableton User Group


We organize events with local talent, Ableton specialists and trainers.  Whether you are an Ableton Live expert, novice or somewhere in between; all users of all levels are welcome to join us and learn from each other, share, collaborate and exchange ideas.  The Dubai Ableton User Group will meet on a ~monthly basis to explore, discuss, showcase topics and technics that we could all feed from creatively and learn. DAUG sessions are free to attend, depending on the format seats may be limited. Usually a DAUG session is composed by community presentations, product demos through our vendors and artists, jam and collaboration sessions, etc… Lets Link.


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