If you are interested in learning to produce electronic music, there is no better way to start with me and Ableton Live.

With over 10+ years of experience as an educator, multiple releases, remixes, label owner and recent Ableton Certified Trainer, you can get to where you want in the best way possible.

Regular sessions run through-out the year; 1 on 1 tutoring and group sessions at any level. So far we got sessions for specific type of genre production, synthesis, mixing, mastering, arrangement, performance, max for live and others. Any one at any level can start learning and developing their craft, sound and repetoir. Our beginners usually attend our “Learn to make music with Ableton Live”; where the focus is the software, those early steps into learning the tool that can work with you side by side in your music production journey. Our experienced Ableton music makers, can benefit from the “Ableton Live music production” sessions, directed to refine and further develop their skills to complete tracks, remixes, compositions for commercial use and release. As well learn to perform and use Live as an instrument with Push. We constantly develop new sessions, that are up-to-date with the latest production trends. Here is a partial list of the topics our sessions cover: music composition, sound design, mixing, mastering, synthesis, advance electronic music production, tips and tricks.

We work together with artists and guide them through a wide variety of genres and sub-genres of EDM; house, techno, minimal, tech-house, deep, nu-disco, trance, ambient, chill out, 2-step UKG.

Learn Ableton Live

Get hands-on experience using the latest DJ gear, controllers and software. Whatever your genre of choice, whatever your skill level. We train DJs from the fundamentals of beatmatching, mixing, using effects, programming extended club mixes and live performances. Learn to execute perfect blends, clean mixes in any style of music.

Learn to DJ


We recommend that you should focus on music production, get out there as many tracks as possible, and let us worry about the mix sounding right. We accept project session materials for audio mixing in the following program formats:

– ProTools
– Logic
– Ableton Live
– Platform Independent (manual bounce of individual tracks)
– Track cleanup
– Balancing each individual track’s volume
– Separation of each musical element
– Spatial placement of instruments
– Adding effects to enhance sound
– Volume, pan, effects, and master bus automation
– Stereo bounce of final mix

Get Professional Mixing

If you are producing EDM, we can master your track(s). We got at our disposal a professional mastering setup, a fresh pair of ears and a huge catalogue of mastered tracks. We specialise in providing high fidelity music mastering services to local and international clients. We offer musicians, labels and producers the opportunity to have their recordings mastered with respect and unparalleled passion at competitive prices. The goal of online audio mastering is improving clarity, punch, depth and ensuring the master files are glitch free. We will ensure your music sounds the best it possibly can and will perform well with all reproduction systems.

Master Your Tracks

At Granular Music we accept EDM, specifically techno, dub-techno, deep house (the real deal not the flimsy stuff)… Find a way to send us your demos. We distribute to beatport itunes and other stores.