Ableton Live Music Production

6 week creative music production sessions.

Electronic music production is now at the forefront of the musical ‘commercial’ space; with the latest trends in audio technology, it makes it easier and more accessible than before to put down your creative aspirations and transform those ideas into full blown music masterpieces.

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Composing and producing electronic music with ableton live puts improvisational skills, innovative ideas and creativity all in one spectrum.

Music now is made in bedroom studios as well as studios, with the introduction of high-quality-low-cost software and hardware, we have access to the tools that once were attractive to the privileged few. On one hand, this is exceptionally a good thing, on the other, at times is frustrating, with so many options your brain goes overboard. With the right steps, and guidance in no time you would be able to reduce the clutter and noise and concentrate on the soundscapes that you appreciate most.
Ableton Live is the right creative tool to compose, record, remix, improvise, produce and edit your musical ideas. Ableton Live is the ultimate audio and MIDI sequencing tool, allowing you to create sequences in real time, on stage or in the studio. While learning the interface you will acquire production skills that can be applied to a wide variety of applications and styles.
By analysing and composing in a variety of electronic music styles, you will gain a deep understanding of many aspects of contemporary electronic music, including beats, harmony, bass lines, groove, melodies, synthesis, audio/MIDI editing, effects processing, sound design, form, performance, and mixing. Ableton Live offers a forward-thinking approach to producing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. The course provides in-depth training on Live’s components, such as Operator, Drum Rack, Simpler, racks, macro controls and mapping.

Compose And Produce In Various Styles Of Electronic Music. Understand And Analyse Electronic Music. Synthesize Various Components Of Electronic Music. Understand And Apply Groove Concepts. Build Complex And Layered Drum Grooves.

Layer Acoustic And Electronic Elements Use Automation Effectively Utilize Audio Signal Processors Like Reverb, Delay And Filters Utilize Compressors, Gates, And Multi-Effects Use The Sequencer To Create Complex Edits And Compositions Use Quantisation Functions To Add A “Human” Feel Learn About Standard Edm Production Tips
Compose And Sequence Keyboard Parts Compile Live Sets From Audio And Midi Clips, Loops, Or Samples Create/Record/Produce Songs In Any Number Of Contemporary Styles Compose Grooves, Bass Lines, Pads, And Melodies Use Synthesis Tools To Improve Music Productions Design Any Sound Imaginable With Ableton Live’s Synths Create Unique Textures With Audio Effects Apply Effects Processing To Create Professionally Polished Productions Use Live In Both Studio Production And Live Performance Environments Build Dj Friendly Songs That Will Get Played In Clubs Produce Professional Sounding Mixes Prepare Productions For Manufacturing And Distribution