DJ Course in Dubai

Take control of your creativity.

This course will equip you with the tools, skills and techniques to help you learn the art of DJing, build a more intimate relationship with music, understand the entertainment industry, create DJ mixes and reach your creative potential.

So, what’s this course all about?

DJ Course Dates

Pre register in advance.

We start  on the 7th of November @ 3:30-6:30PM

Session 1: 7th of November @ 3:30-6:30PM
Session 2: 14th of November @ 3:30-6:30PM
Session 3: 21st of November @ 3:30-6:30PM
Session 4: 28th of November @ 3:30-6:30PM
Session 5-8 upon agreed schedule

The 5 biggest things you’ll learn in this course.

✅ Gain the ability to DJ the right way.

✅ DJ on the club-standard and any other type of DJ gear.

✅ Train your ear & mind, develop the confidence and skillset  required beyond mixing and track selection to be a DJ.

✅ Learn the true art-form.

✅ Better understand music, energy, flow and how to transmit it to those around you.

Join the complete DJ Course.

You should take this course if…

You are just starting out.

You’ve struggled creatively in the past.

✅ You’re dedicated and committed and want to be coached by the best in the creative industry.

✅ You want the best, to the point, and most cost effective way to reach your creative potential.

You shouldn’t take it if…

You’re looking for quick fix (creativity takes time and work).

You’re not ready to get creative.

You’d rather waste countless hours, days, weeks and possibly years learning the wrong stuff from the wrong people.

Meet Your Creative Coach

Attend the complete DJ Course.

Discover the keys to DJing  success.

Learn the right way

Learn my strategies process and framework to help you elevate your DJ skills and take back creative control.

Supercharge your learning

Complete multiple creative-exploration exercises that help you unlock the 'how', ‘why’ and the 'when' behind your creative growth.

Amp up your DJ Skills

Use the tools to practice, perform and share your new creative skills while you learn with us.


Take control of your creativity.

This course is divided into two levels. The first one (Session 1,2,3,4) focuses in all the technical and creative steps that you will need to master in order to do a DJ mix flawlessly. The second level (Session 5,6,7,8) further explores all the skillsets and expertise needed to master the Art of DJing. You will learn about music management, stage presence, music marketing, making people listen to your music and much more. These creative sessions take place physically in Dubai, at our creative space.


Use the technology, be in control.

Regular and frequent creative exercises that you can execute in class and at home, to build that muscle memory. Be able to understand all the new technology and why it’s there and it’s proper use. Use the technology to your advantage,  as a tool, an extension of your creative aspirations, Flip the tech to serve you, less tech dependancy means you will be among the 1% of DJs. Be able to DJ without boring screens and fancy tech. You will appreciate music more and the art of DJing.


Get access to the Granular Creative community.

Connect with a community of like-minded music nerds. Hit the group up for some creative discussions,  get togethers, a kick of encouragement, advice to help you overcome creative roadblocks or to share your latest acquired techniques.


Lets get creative!

Hit me with that course outline!

DJ Course

8 sessions (24 hours) of premium coaching

The first session will get you familiar with the industry DJ setups found in radio stations, night venues and festivals. You will dive into the mindset and though process of a DJ, learn to cue, count and mix in and out with levels. Yes, the challenge is to get you to DJ within the first session. 

The second session we break down the technicalities of setting up the gear and making sure all operations are functional, we review and develop our mixing principles and explore more features on the CDJs and Mixer to enable us to create a smoother transitional mix, with EQs. We cover the fundamental use of Rekordbox playlist creation tool.

In the 3rd session, we talk about different types of DJs and different aspects and assets that all DJs should consider when playing out. We explore phase and beat features as well we enter the world of FX on the mixer to enhance our mixes and introduce a creative touch to our performance. We explore some new features on Rekordbox software to help us with our music performance.

In the fourth session we introduce the looping feature, we reflect back to the last sessions and cement all learning outcomes. You will then perform a 30 minute recorded DJ set that you get to walk away with and share with the world. And you are just half way there.

In the 5th session, we dissect and deconstruct the music composition “formula”, how songs are structured and where are the best key areas of mixing in and out, and developing a playlist of tracks that cohesively tell a story. We review the looper / cutter functions and discover all available options and modes. Using Vinyl mode as an alternative play mode and use as a creative tool. We intentionally depend less on the technology and focus on training our ear-brain-hand coordination. We also enter part 1 of the effect suite on the mixer. We further explore Rekordbox features to enable us to make the best out of our music library.

In the sixth session hot cue creative play and performance concepts are learned, also part 2 of effects is now completed and further ear-brain-hand coordination is enhanced though practical class exercises.

In the 7th session, we prepare our Rekordbox installation to record and produce a DJ set and which avenues we can work with online to promote our skillset. In this session we delve deeper into the technical aspects of Rekordbox and the CDJs, we create tags, filters and searchable playlists; we also program and create a personal profile of the hardware setup based on our favorite preferences. We transfer the above functions into Rekordbox to create a seamless integration with our Pioneer hardware and controllers.

In this last and 8th session, we discover external connectivity options using the RMX1000 app and others for further performance enhancements. We finish off with a Q&A session and a review. Then you are to record a professional 45 minute DJ set.

Level 1

  • 4 Creative Sessions
  • 12 Contact Hours
  • Immersive DJ Coaching
  • Coaching with Costas Papa
  • Creative Training Exercises
  • Learn How To Use any DJ gear
  • DJ Any Style of Music
  • Be a Part of a Growing Creative Community
  • No Prior Knowledge Needed

Level 1+2

  • 8 Creative Sessions
  • 24 Contact Hours
  • Immersive DJ Coaching
  • Coaching with Costas Papa
  • Creative Training Exercises
  • Learn How To Use any DJ gear
  • DJ Any Style of Music
  • Be a Part of a Growing Creative Community

Level 2

  • 4 Creative Sessions
  • 12 Contact Hours
  • Immersive DJ Coaching
  • Coaching with Costas Papa
  • Creative Training Exercises
  • Learn How To Use any DJ gear
  • DJ Any Style of Music
  • Be a Part of a Growing Creative Community
  • Level 1 is a prerequisite

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to DJ or for anyone that wants to take their DJ skills to the next level.

Whether you just want to mix songs for yourself in your house or you want to play in the biggest festivals in the world, you will find the right knowledge here. Since these are physical classes, your presence is required. If you are flying in please make sure you are in Dubai during the duration of the DJ course.

How does the course work?

The creative sessions are usually on weekends, each session is 3 hours long. Currently we broke down the course into 2 levels, there is a total of 8 sessions.

You start at level 1  (4 sessions), and then you progress to level 2 (another 4 sessions).

The course is intense  (in a good way) and fully immersive. There is over 20 years of creative practice put into it, and about 14 years of academics. So when we say we are unique and nothing compares to us, we really mean it.

Typically a session with us is like a month anywhere else.

Is it for beginners or advanced DJs?

This DJ course is for beginners and also advanced DJs. The first level is perfect for those that have been Djing for a while,  just started out or thinking to start DJing.

Level 2 is only available to those that join level 1. If you took a course else where or have been DJing you can take an assessment to evaluate your skills. There is a high chance you will start at the beginning and learn things the right way.

Do I need DJ Decks or any gear?

We got all the gear you need to learn on with us. We always recommend that you invest in some gear so you can accelerate your learning at your own space and time. Just like with everything else, you can get a DJ controller and speakers for as low as a 600-900USD or go full out and get the top of the line at about 8000USD. Depending on your budget and style, we will recommend you what fits best for you.

If you don’t have a DJ controller yet, do not worry, join the course, and we will advice you on what gear to get.

We also have some deals and offers from Pioneer from time to time, so you could get some preferential pricing with us.

To make the most of this course, you will need a DJ controller and the Rekordbox DJ Software.
We would also recommend a pair of headphones and some speakers to make the most of your training.

Which are the payment methods?

At the moment we offer online Payment and accept all major cards. If you for any reason, prefer to pay with cash or by bank transfer, on occasion we can assist with a pre-registation.

Registration windows are short but regular, if you miss it don’t worry you can always register for the next creative sessions.

Which software are we going to learn?

Since this is the Pioneer CDJ Course, we will be using Rekordbox but the knowledge can be transferred to any other DJ software such as Serato.

What if I have a question how can i get in touch?

Sure, we love all questions, a couple of ways you can get in touch, either by the chat app on the right side of this page. Or by email or by WhatsApp

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