Ableton Push 2

12 hour Push 2 Sessions.

Based on historical trends we know its here to stay, grow and advance… maybe even transform into a hybrid technology, coupling analog and digital together for next level creative use on stage and behind the booth.

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Ableton Live + Push 2 enables music producers, artists, DJs, musicians, and creatives to create music in the studio and on the stage.

In the Ableton Push 2 Course we will explore and discover Push 2 as music creation instrument along side with Ableton Live. The main focus point will be the hardware, using Push 2 to make, create music, use it as an instrument; as an extension of your creative impulses.

Learning Push’s 2 unique workflow, features and music making capabilities will enable you to take your musical ideas from early concept to final product.

Ableton Push 2 Interface, Push 2 Workflows, Playing and Sequencing Drums, Putting down basic melodies and chords, Session View & Arrangement Techniques, Using Automation, Sampling Techniques & Modes