Learn to Produce Music with Ableton Live. Explore the art of DJing with Vinyl Records or CDJS. Perform live and create music with Ableton Push 2.

Pioneer PLX Vinyl DJ Mixing

Feeling nostalgic? We sure do! We are going back to the basiks. The original artform of DJing is making a come back, Vinyl records are off the charts. Develop a hands on approach to mixing, minimal technology maximal brain-ear-hand coordination. In these sessions you will learn how to DJ on Vinyl & Time Coded records.

Pioneer CDJ DJ Mixing 

Get hands-on experience using the latest DJ gear, controllers and software. Whatever your genre of choice, whatever your skill level. We train DJs from the fundamentals of beatmatching, mixing, using effects, programming extended club mixes and live performances. Learn to execute perfect blends, clean mixes in any style of music.

Music Production with Ableton Live

This is the right path to start making music. Learn the little intricacies that go into music making. Less technical and a more creative approach is the focus of these sessions. Ableton Live is the go to software for music production, remixing, DJing and anything creative. You will learn a good amount of the software, music production techniques, arrangement ideas. This is the best primer course for music creators.

Learn Ableton Push 2

Ableton Push 2 is by far the most advanced controller out.  Ableton Live 10 + Ableton Push 2 bring a new tactile approach to making music, performing and instrumentation. You will learn and appreciate the hands-on direction in putting your ideas down. These sessions are taught by Costas Papa, Ableton Certified Trainer.