ways to get to know Ableton Live

3 ways to get to know Ableton Live

There are plenty of ways learning a new piece of software or hardware. The best way I recommend is exploring and getting lost. I admit its the most time consuming, but you build a perfect relationship with your gear.

Below are my personal 3 ways to get to know Ableton Live at your own pace.

3 ways to get you up and running in hours, days, weeks.

1. The most obvious; use the power within. The Live inbuilt lessons (Help – Help View). This is a comprehensive way to explore Live. Here you can find the “What’s New in Live” and a tour around the interface. For audio “Recording audio” section, understand your I/O and various ways to record in. For MIDI; “Creating Beats section will help you put down the foundation. The “playing software instrument” section, goes through the library, presets and various MIDI edits. Enough lessons to get you producing in no time.
2. The learn as you go way, (View – Info). This is quick and easy to remember things you may forget, or when you stumble across something new. Just put your mouse over the item and the info box at the bottom left will give you a short description of what it is and does.
3. The failsafe way, RTM (Read the Manual). My personal favourite; reading the manual is actually quite an interesting experience. A chapter a day in about a month you would have finished reading it cover to cover. Every chapter you spend some time using what you learn.

The above 3 ways are recommended, for anyone starting to use Live. Not everyone can commit to a schedule to attend a class. If you do let me know ? Sometimes the internet is overwhelming and noisy to depend on for your learning.

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