7 Ableton Live Tips

7 Ableton Live Tips

1.The Spectrum analyser plugin shows frequencies that are being generated in real time, and also when you hover over with your mouse at a specific frequency it shows you the corresponding musical note.
2.Right Click the metronome to set in a different count-in other than the default.

3.When transposing MIDI notes, up/down arrow keys transpose by 1 semitone. Holding SHIFT + up/down arrow keys transposes by a full Octave.

4.When selecting a parameter and hitting the DELETE button, it returns to its default setting.

5.When you import a quicktime movie directly into the arrangement view, you can score to video. ?

6. Use the Utility plugin, to further control the stereo depth of your sound. You can spread it to the extremes or centre it down the middle in mono.

7. Nothing new here, SAVE, SAVE AS, SAVE a COPY, COLLECT ALL & SAVE.